NFL extends 'Sunday Ticket' deal with DirecTV Cementing the fact that we will never be able to watch NFL games online at a reasonable price.#

Alaskan Composer Wins Pulitzer For 'Become Ocean' : Deceptive Cadence : NPR.#

What Happens at Band Camp… is the foundation for future success!#

What Playing Music and Tennis Say About Me.#

Moto 360 battery life boost confirmed. Feeling more confident about getting a Moto 360 in the future. I don't think I'll be using ambient mode a lot so I may be really happy with battery life.#

Detroit blogs you need to be reading.#

For the month of September I hosted an instance of River4 on a server that I own rather than hosting on Heroku. One concern with not hosting on Heroku is an increase in my cost of using Amazon's S3 storage, particularly the data transfer charges. Amazon does not charge for transfers within their data center, but do charge to transfers in and out. Heroku is hosted at Amazon so data transfers will be within the data center.#

During September I had 64.833 GB transferred out at a cost of $7.78. Not a terribly high bill, but much more than the $0.14 bill I had in August.#

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