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Wojo: Tigers team seemed built for big stage. No the weren't, and that is the real root of the problem for the Tigers. They convinced themselves they had a good team, but the reality is they aren't a good team. What ought to be asked is, if after two off seasons trying Dave Dombrowski has not been able to fix the bullpen, what makes you think he will be able to do so this off season? Worse, because he was attracted to the shiny pitcher (David Price), Dombrowski made the Tigers weaker by trading their center fielder and an emerging pitcher. Despite his successes, Price was clearly not the missing piece to push the Tigers to a World Series win this year, nor will he be for next year.#

Joey Yashinsky: "Let’s call a spade a spade. The Detroit Tigers were a slightly better than average club in 2014." #

Anthony Castrovince: "They [the Orioles] were simply a ballclub better assembled for October, with about 60 percent of Detroit's player payroll and 200 percent of its grace under pressure."#

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