George Gershwin's last piano makes U-M debut. I fell in love with Gershwin one summer at band camp when we played selections from Porgy and Bess. The Gershwin Initiative at U.M. is a wonderful thing. #

Cards are back in NLCS. My dislike of the Cardinals is also the classic compliment. I dislike them because they are so good every year. Normally, when I watch baseball playoffs if my favorite teams (the Cubs & Tigers) are not playing I root for the team that has not won the World Series, or at least haven't recently been in it. Consequently, I always root against the Cardinals.#

BTW, Ken Rosenthal's reference to the Dodgers as the Dollars in his piece above could also be used when writing about the Tigers. Maybe Mattingly and Ausmus can commiserate over a few beers about why their teams lost. #

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