Center for Research in Science, Azusa Pacific University has a ton of lectures on iTunes University. iTunes University is one of the of the best free education resources available today.#

Jeff Seidel: Blend of youth and veterans leads to Wings’ victory. The Red Wings opened the 2014-15 season with a victory over the Boston Bruins, who eliminated them from the playoffs last year. As I predicted, Ken Holland added nothing to the team during the off season, so it is pretty much on the kids to carry them this year.#

Nationals Manager Matt Williams on why his best pitchers weren't used in the 7th inning of game 4: "Because those are our seventh-inning guys" And that is what drives fans crazy, lack of common sense. If managers are going to be robotic, you might as well have a computer managing in the dugout rather than a man. #

Contrast how Mattingly, Ausmus, and Williams handled their bullpens with Bruce Bochy. Which of those managers has won the most World Series? #

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