My notes during the Apple October 2014 Event.#

What I will be most watching for during Apple's iPad Event today is the reasons Apple gives for why one should buy an iPad given how much tablet functionality can be done with an iPhone 6 Plus.#

Answer: It's all about images and video. #

The Guardian: "But the problem facing Apple, and evident in its sales statistics, is that tablets don’t wear out as quickly as PCs, and if they’re principally used to watch video, they’re not as susceptible to forced upgrade cycles"#

The old iPad 2 is still the most used iPad. The data in this article makes total sense. It took a while for people to get what the iPad is about, and so for most the iPad 2 is the first they bought. For many, I imagine the iPad 2 is good enough, particularly if all they use it for is to surf the web and read email. It runs iOS 6 well, so many don't see a reason to buy a new iPad. The percentages should swing to a newer iPad as the iPad 2 gets older, if people still buy in to the idea of having a tablet. The iPhone 6 Plus is also going to have an impact on iPad sales going forward.#

So, Nexus 9 (8.9 inch display, 32 GB WiFi) at $479 versus iPad mini 3 (7.9 inch display, 64 GB WiFi) at $499? If you just purchase based on specs, it looks like the iPad Mini is the way to go, if you purchase on ecosystem, then you are going to pick the one that you prefer. At 425 grams, the Nexus 9 is lighter than the iPad Air at 437 grams, but heavier than the iPad Mini at 331 grams. My Galaxy Note 8 weighs 340 grams, as does my Nexus 7. If I want a larger screen I will have to live with a heavier device. My 3rd gen iPad with LTE weighs 662 grams.#

Moto Hint Bluetooth Earbud Finally Gets It Right. This review seems to be contrary to what I have heard Leo Laporte say about the Hint. Leo says people have a hard time hearing him when he uses the Hint. What I don't understand is, if the Hint is supposed to fit so well to stay inside your ear for long periods of time, how is that possible without a custom design? #

Gizmodo: "The Most Important Nexus 6 Feature Is the Price." I think the analysis here is a little off. The big difference with the Nexus 6 is that it will be sold directly by carriers in addition to being sold by Google. Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint do not want to sell cheap phones, so I think the Nexus 6's price is being driven by the carriers and Google's apparent desire to sell more phones. I expect the subsidized price for the Nexus 6 will be north of $200, may be closer to $300. Google succumbing to the carriers is the biggest disappointment of the Nexus 6.#

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