Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade: 2014 Guide and Vintage Video From 1962 – Deadline Detroit.#

Why I Bought The Google Nexus 9.#

BGR posts an article describing a Motorola Cyber Monday sale that appears to involve a pre-registration to receive. Its clear to me that BGR simply regurgitated a press release and did not actually check out the Motorola site to confirm the deal or the process because when you go to the Motorola site you find no way to register. Several people have posted complaints on Facebook to this affect. #

What is unclear on Motorola's page is whether the December 1 at 11:00 AM C.T. is the time when people can start registering for the discount or when they can starting buying phones at the discounted price. #

In my opinion Tech News sites like BGR ought to follow up with Motorola to clarify the information or ask when the site will begin to allow people to register so that they can inform their readers accordingly. Instead, I expect that this article will simply float down to the bottom of BGR's home page with no updates.#

If in fact the registration time has come and passed, Motorola ought to update their web page informing people of this fact. So far there has been no response from Motorola on their Facebook site.#

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