Official Gmail Blog: Assists in Inbox: An extra helping hand for your Reminders.#

Jim Harbaugh's value to Michigan? I am surprised that the Chicago Bears have not come up in the Harbaugh conversation. Chicago is looking is always looking for the next Ditka, and I think Harbaugh comes closest. Harbaugh is also an ex-Bear, just like Ditka. The question really being asked is, is the head football coach position at the University of Michigan more prestigious than NFL head coaching jobs? #

BlackBerry Classic: Best features appeal to high-end corporate users. I think it is smart for Blackberry to stick to what they do best. #

What Tablet Should You Buy?#

Why Microsoft’s Mobile Marketing Strategy Hinges on iOS and Android. It is interesting that Microsoft views iOS and Android versions of their apps as a way to draw people to Windows. I think it only holds if the Microsoft apps are the primary ones a person uses, otherwise the lack of key non-Microsoft apps will still prevent people from switching to Windows Phone. #

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